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Saturday, November 20, 2010

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The actual process/ technology was under WIPO patent pending nº : WO2008010737A1, and the inventor is Antonio Manuel Cardoso Marques Ferreira, the actual owner and CEO of VALORSABIO, Lda. The GREENLINE is a solution to grow microalgae and uses for the case transparent and vertical tubes. The tubes are set in rows and interconnected by [...]

ALGATEC AQUATECH AQUATECH Shanghai China CO2 capture CORDIS cost-effective wastewater treatment disinfection East China University of Technology environmental GREENLINE Industrial Development Zone Water Supply industrial wastewater Innovative Recycling technology Institute of Chemical Engineering Institute of Environmental Sciences JET-LOOP SYSTEM Jet-Loop System; advanced secondary wastewater treatment Linear Matrix Multicellular Photoreactor LMMP mbr MBR applications MEDUSA WATER MegaVision MEGAVISION ENGINEERING membrane technology microalgae pharmaceutical wastewater Photobioreactor photoreactor Prototype Shangai 2011 Shanghai Shanghai MegaVision Membrane Technology Engineering Shiziazhuang Seminar tertiary nitrogen and phosphorus removal treatment and reuse of washing water treatment plant in China VALORSABIO wastewater Wastewater Drainage and Treatment wastewater technology wastewater treatment wastewater treatment plant Wastewater treatment plant for Baghdad City

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  • Plymouth and Brunel take gold in IMechE Design Challenge November 12, 2019
    Students from Plymouth and Brunel universities have been crowned champions of their respective categories at this year’s IMechE Design Challenge. Aimed at engineering students in their first and second years of study, the competition asks teams to design, build and implement a technical solution to a specific mechanical task. This year’s challenge demanded a […]
  • This week’s poll: Formula One’s carbon-neutrality pledge November 12, 2019
    Will the pledge by Formula One’s governing organisation for the sport to reduce net carbon dioxide emissions to zero by 2030 be effective? Formula One has committed to making the entire sport carbon neutral by 2030 and will do this by increasing the efficiency improvements it has made in racing car engines in recent years, […] The post This week’s poll: Form […]
  • Drone mounted scanner can see through walls November 12, 2019
    A prototype drone mounted scanner could enable emergency workers to see inside buildings and detect people who may be trapped. Jointly developed by engineers from University of Leeds, University of Massachusetts and Northwestern University in Xi’an in China the so-called WideSee system uses long-range radio waves to scan deep into a building. Morphing drone […]
  • Opioids abated with ‘injectrode’ neuromodulation technique November 12, 2019
    An electrode that is injected into a patient as a liquid before curing inside the body could make neuromodulation therapies more reliable, less invasive and more economical. This is the claim of University of Wisconsin-Madison biomedical engineers and their collaborators whose creation – dubbed the injectrode – is described in a paper published online in Adv […]
  • Plan for three metre sea level rise, warns IMechE November 12, 2019
    The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) is urging governments around the world to plan for sea level rises of up to three metres. In its new report, Rising Seas: The Engineering Challenge, the institution warns that current policies for coastal adaptation to heightened sea levels may not be adequate. IMechE said governments should be planning […] Th […]

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