GREENLINE setup a new record

Sat, Mar 10, 2012

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GREENLINE setup a new record: perfect operation with industrial wastewater tertiary treatment in Hebei Province, China with winter severe cold weather:


Local temperatures 22F ( -6C) , 24 F ( -4C)

Dissolved Oxygen provided by microalgae to treated wastewater: 9-11,5 ppm DO ( 150%-190% DO saturation with reference to tap water/river water)

Ammonia ( NH4+) in treated wastewater < 2 mg/L ( 5 times better than any nitrification/denitrification process)

Phosphorous ( total P) in treated wastewater < 0,2 mg/L ( 10 times better than bacterial/chemical phosphorous removal processes)


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  1. Awesome work of Engineering!!!

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