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AQUATECH Shanghai, from June 1-3

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


AQUATECH Shanghai, from June 1-3

VALORSABIO will be present at AQUATECH Shanghai, from June 1-3. Visit us at MEGAVISION booth, and enjoy a JET-LOOP SYSTEM demonstration or attend a conference at Shanghai Engineering University, about the JET-LOOP SYSTEM and the GREENLINE, next June, 8th.

ALGATEC AQUATECH AQUATECH Shanghai China CO2 capture CORDIS cost-effective wastewater treatment disinfection East China University of Technology environmental GREENLINE Industrial Development Zone Water Supply industrial wastewater Innovative Recycling technology Institute of Chemical Engineering Institute of Environmental Sciences JET-LOOP SYSTEM Jet-Loop System; advanced secondary wastewater treatment Linear Matrix Multicellular Photoreactor LMMP mbr MBR applications MEDUSA WATER MegaVision MEGAVISION ENGINEERING membrane technology microalgae pharmaceutical wastewater Photobioreactor photoreactor Prototype Shangai 2011 Shanghai Shanghai MegaVision Membrane Technology Engineering Shiziazhuang Seminar tertiary nitrogen and phosphorus removal treatment and reuse of washing water treatment plant in China VALORSABIO wastewater Wastewater Drainage and Treatment wastewater technology wastewater treatment wastewater treatment plant Wastewater treatment plant for Baghdad City

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